“I’ve come to the conclusion based on the study, that the science matches up to what we were expecting from the mechanism of action which makes it a real game changer.” – Dr. Amy Forman Taub, Cosmetic Dermatologist

Lotions, creams, exfoliants: there are many skin care products on the market competing for your time and money. Since they are non-prescription, most of these products do not undergo clinical trials, so their effects are unproven. But there is one new skin care product that is being hailed by doctors and dermatologists nationwide as a skin care breakthrough on the basis of rigorous clinical study. That product is DefenAge.


What are the effects of DefenAge?

After consistent application, your skin looks younger, brighter, and smoother. There is a visible decrease in pore size, reduction in both fine and coarse wrinkles, and even a decline in excess pigmentation. These results were all quantified in DefenAge’s clinical trial, which took place at three different medical centers. Patients were told to apply either a DefenAge product or a placebo in a double-blind study, meaning that neither the patients nor the doctors knew which products were given to which patient. The results were clear; DefenAge produced noticeable skin improvement. For more information on the study, see this interview in the Aesthetic Insider:

What is DefenAge?

The DefenAge line offers three products: a serum, a lotion, and a masque. The lotions are applied twice a day, and the masque is worn once or twice per week, depending on the patient’s preference. The lotion and cream feature DefenAge’s game-changing innovation: Age-Repair Defensins.

Defensins are naturally occurring proteins that play an important role in our body’s immune system. They are on the front lines of defense against harmful bacteria, fungi, and viruses. DefenAge’s Age-Repair Defensins stimulate our body’s stem cells to develop into keratinocytes, or new skin cells. Normally, this process occurs when our skin is injured, but the Age-Repair Defensins trigger it artificially. Basically, your stem cells are tricked into responding to an injury when, in fact, there is no injury! The result is a fresh, new layer of skin, manufactured by your body’s natural skin repair mechanisms.


Your skin deserves to look its best, and with DefenAge, you’ll be using your skin’s natural regenerative capability to restore youth and vitality. You’ll notice a difference within three to four days of using DefenAge regularly. With so many doctor recommendations and a proven enhancement in skin quality, there’s no reason not to give it a try. Visit Not Just Faces Medical Aesthetics in Laguna Niguel and ask to try DefenAge.

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