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The procedure is simple and comfortable, requiring no anesthetics or downtime. During the process, the hand piece that emits radio frequency energy (RF) is placed over the affected area and delivers pulses of energy. These energy pulses cause fat cells to heat up and shrink, promoting skin contraction for a slimmer and smoother effect.

Smoother Skin

truSculpt is a remarkable new technology designed to create firmer and smoother skin. it is the latest procedure available for non-invasive fat reduction, body sculpting/contouring, and skin tightening. The process breaks down fat cells and disposes them from the body over a period of several months.  It reduces stubborn body fat and overall body contours that do not respond to diet and exercise.

In addition, it tightens skin and reduces the appearance of cellulite. After a minimum three sessions, the affected areas look slimmer and smoother. truSculpt offers a more comfortable, faster, and effective approach than alternative methods such as freezing and ultrasound.

A breakthrough radio frequency (RF) technology, truSculpt delivers deep tissue heating to reduce fat the non-invasive way. The heating also works in body sculpting/contouring, and temporary reduction of the appearance of cellulite. It can also treat multiple areas of the body found on the thighs, flanks, buttocks, abdomen, and other regions that contain stubborn fat.

The length of treatment varies depending on the area being treated. The heat can be adjusted per individual, providing a positive experience without pain or discomfort. The procedure can also work for non-invasive fat removal.

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