Not Your Mother’s Razor – Is Permanent Laser Hair Reduction Right for You?

Shaving and tweezing and waxing… oh my.

Who isn’t tired of the ongoing maintenance to get rid of unwanted hair? Or the ingrown hairs – despite your diligent exfoliation?! 
Once you’ve had it up to here with temporary hair reduction options, get some good information (see below), correlate the data, and make an appointment for permanent laser hair reduction.

Believe us – Once you’ve gone laser, you’ll never look back.

With Not Just Faces, Permanent Laser Hair Reduction is:


Cooling methods keep the light pulses mild and skin-safe, allowing for more comfortable treatments, and ability to treat all skin types than other hair reduction methods.


Small areas, such as the underarms or upper lip, can be treated in 15 minutes or less and even large areas can be treated in around 50 minutes. (Think lunch hour…)


There is no need to let hair grow out between treatments, you can remain hair-free at all times and treatments can be done 4 to 8 weeks apart.


Concentrated pulses of light delivers light deep into the hair follicle, thus changing the DNR and shut off the blood supply causing the treated hair to die and fall out 10 days post treatment loosen the hair and disable the cells responsible for new hair growth.

Not Just Faces Medical Aesthetics uses the Palomar Systems pulsed light treatments. Pulsed light systems and lasers are very similar, but Palomar Pulsed Light Systems use a much larger treatment window than most lasers. This spreads light over a wider area of skin and allows faster coverage of the skin and quicker treatments as a result.

How many laser treatments will I need?

Hair has different cycles and will grow in at different times so it cannot all be targeted at once. The only way to effectively destroy all hair follicles is to wait for them to grow in, and target them with the laser. Therefore – most people need anywhere from 5 to 6 treatments per area to see permanent hair reduction. Your hair grows in a 30-day cycle, so you can schedule treatments 4 to 8 weeks apart. Annual maintenance may include 1 to 2 sessions for a few years. IMPORTANT: Permanent laser hair reduction can only be performed on areas that are not tan, so the ideal time to begin treatment is in early spring, then you can get most (or all) of your treatments completed prior to summer.

Does permanent laser hair reduction hurt?

A tiny bit – some have likened the feeling of permanent laser hair reduction to that of getting a small rubber band pop on the area. Just like tweezing (plucking is for chickens) and waxing (riiiiiip), each area of the body may feel differently – but no pain, no gain, right? There are creams and other options available for pain management. A chilled stainless steel roller is used during the treatment to reduce any discomfort , and cool compresses after the treatment. Redness and swelling are the most common sensations after treatment, but quickly fade within the same day. If you are concerned about the sensation, you can always ask for a test area.

Is it true that you can’t go in the sun before or after your permanent laser hair reduction treatment?

Unfortunately, yes and yes. Sun exposure prior to treatment can cause unwanted side effects such as burns and blistering which can lead to hypo pigmentation (reduction of pigment) hence reduce the effect of the laser and cause your skin to be more sensitive than normal. We advise anyone coming in for permanent laser hair reduction to avoid sun exposure for a few weeks prior to treatment.

How much does permanent laser hair reduction cost?

All permanent laser hair reduction services are not created equal. Make sure you do your research to find an experienced professional and resist the temptation to “go cheap.” Trusting your follicles to untrained hands could have serious — and painful — repercussions, such as skin lightening, zebra striping, burns and even permanent scarring. All procedures at Not Just Faces are done by a professional with all of the formal training necessary to give you safe, optimal results. We offer a range of permanent laser hair reduction treatments and package deals. Please visit our website to view the price list and contact us if you are interested in multiple treatments or multiple treatment areas. Special pricing may apply.

permanent laser hair reduction

Beach Please – Get ready for summer with permanent laser hair reduction!

April is the time to begin your permanent laser hair reduction treatments so you can be foot loose and hair-free by the time you are ready to hit the beaches. Book and begin a series of permanent laser hair reduction treatments and receive a free gift when you use the code ditchtherazor.

Special Offer: Purchase 6 Permanent laser hair reduction treatments and receive a 20% discount on the series. All 6 treatments must be used on the same area. Multiple series may be purchased. Free sunscreen with purchase of a package. (Sunscreen offer good through May 15, 2014)

Still have questions? Visit our site to make a consultation appointment, see the full list of treatment areas, frequently asked questions, and pre- and post-treatment instructions or call us at (949) 489-1858.

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